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Its location in KHARGHAR the best educational + residential zone of Navi Mumbai with all the facilities of transportation, communication for easy availability from outskirts of Mumbai. The importance of medical care as to make people conscious about basic cause –effect relationship of diseases and way of life in order to achieve effective prevention and cure can be achieved with serving community at large within the populated areas.

Our Best Services

Sports Medicine

At Swapnadeep ayurveda we have advance sports rehabilitation centre to increase performance in actual event . A successful program applied in Table Tennis , Badminton , Football players

Preventive Cardiology

The Preventive Cardiology Section of Swapnadeep Ayurveda offers services to patients with cardiovascular disease and those who have a risk of developing it. Personalized programs based on “Prakruti” are designed to reduce risk factors and prevent disease from getting worse.

Chronic diseases

A Ray of “HOPE” to all chronic aliments like Arthritis , Allergic Rh inits , Degenerative changes , Hyper acidity, Oncology, Headache , Migrane , Addiction , Hair problems , Skin problems including Psoriais , Eczema , Gyaneoclogy problems, Asthma and many more..

From Preventive to curative

  • We are specialized in all chronic diseases with conceptual treatm,ent base in ayurveda. since 2005 we have served more than 10 thousand patients with various disorders . Sincerity , dedication and devotion in Ayurveda are the key to successful implication of ayurveda treatment and therapies to the society at large.

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